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Tonight, I tried another Austin gem. This was my first time at Clark’s Oyster Bar, and it definitely won’t be my last. 

Warning: this post might make you hungry.



It’s cute, trendy, and absolutely delicious. The restaurant is small, there are around ten tables you can reserve ahead of time some inside, some out. For a last minute visit, the outdoor seating is first come first serve, as well as the indoor bar. 

The food…

I’ll start by talking about probably one of the top three wedge salads i’ve ever had in my life, and that’s saying a lot. 


Lambert’s Lardons, Hardboiled Farm Egg, Maytag Blue Cheese, Herbs, Buttermilk Dressing. light. fresh. creamy. crunchy. delightful. Don’t pass it up. I split it with my boyfriend and I suggest you do the same. It’s listed on the menu under meals, so splitting it is perfect for a good appie. 

Oysters: what’s in the restaurant name must be a specialty, right?



They live up to the hype. They’re delicious, get an assortment. Be sure to top them off with a bit of horseradish and mignonette.

Oak Grilled Prime New York Strip: If you’re feeling hungry, get it. 



This steak was thick, juicy, and so delicious. The fries are to die for, topped with rosemary. They will not disappoint. Another seafood-free dish they offer is the Pan Roasted Hamburger which I did not try, but I will next visit.

Clark’s Cioppino:



Coming from a man who has had Cioppino all around the world: “this was the best i’ve had in years. Delicioud broth, seafood euphoria” there you have it.

Shells & Cheese with Lump Crab: 

ImageThis dish was to die for. It was rich, it was creamy, and the crust had a perfect crunch to it. Chunks of crab weaved throughout the dish. Honestly one of the best Mac n’ Cheeses I have ever come across. DO NOT go to Clark’s without ordering a side of this.

For a veggie, go for the Wood-Grilled Brussels Sprouts.



Simple, tasty, healthy. If you like brussel sprouts…


Now for the good stuff, dessert.


The first picture is the Basque Cake with Cherry Preserves, Cream Cheese Ice Cream. It was delicious if you want a nice dessert, not to sweet, and quite filling. It’s great to share.

However, I would strongly suggest the second:

S’mores Affogato, Espresso over Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Chocolate Graham Crumb Macaron. Need I say any more?

This dish is to die for, they pour the espresso over the top when it gets to your table, and you will lick the plate clean. I would definitely say this is my favorite dessert of theirs, its refreshing, and finished off with two delicious macarons. 

Hope this helps you on your next visit! I highly recommend this place to anyone, it guarantees a good night out. The atmosphere is lively and chic, and the food is great. No regrets.

Enjoy the food porn.




We Will Finish the Race



The Boston magazine came out with this beautiful cover in its issue following the horrible bombings that took place at the finish line of the marathon. 

They came up with the idea for this cover on the Monday night just hours after these horrific events took place.

The shoes used are from participants in the marathon, as the magazine reached out to people to donate their shoes to make this image possible. 

This image is stunning, and heartfelt. This picture represents the involvement of the community to come together and help out, and the warm love and thoughtfulness extended to those families directly affected by the event.


Thought I would share this image because it shows that in hard times, the greatness of humanity can shine through to make some beautiful things. 

Smart Whitening Campaign

In an effort to increase their Whitening business, Hammaspeikko and McCann World-group have created some new smart advertisements that allow viewers to interact with the print ads in a clever way.



The ad shows a little animal and reads “before” with some yellowing teeth and a big smile. The viewer is encouraged to take a picture of the ad with their flash on which then will show up on their phone with the words “after” and a brilliant white smile. 

It’s smart.

But then, the dentists number is also already in your phone and you also can show them your picture for 10% off. 



I think this is a smart approach to advertising, as it engages the audience, you have the “after” results then in your hand with a coupon, it would absolutely get me into their office for a little whitening job. 

This campaign is an example of getting people to do what you want them to without being too invasive. People will want to take the picture because its cute and fun, and it gets the message across in the meantime.